My EQUMEN™ Core Precision Undershirt gives me the best possible stabilizing support on the market, which is essential in getting my players to perform at their highest. Not only does this garment provide essential support in the all important core areas, it is also the most comfortable garment available and can be worn in all climates. It provides temperature control and comfort while out on the golf course or on the range. I never step foot on the course without it and neither should you!

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Equmen undershirt results in sweat-soaked skin View Article Source

Equmen undershirt results in sweat-soaked skin

Reporter JONNY GREATREX was persuaded to squeeze himself into one of the new undershirts in the name of fashion.

THE last time I wore something the size of the Equmen undershirt I had still not yet learned to dress myself.

But, hearing that hunky James Bond star Daniel Craig had been encouraged to wear one under his Oscars tuxedo, I thought it was good enough for me to try.

On first sight I wondered how the tiny garment could possibly fit.

But once I placed it over my head it stretched to the required shape.

Then a bizarre thing happened.

The layer of heat which was trapped next to my body which usually keeps me nice and toasty was drawn into the thin second material I was now covered in.

It caused a ripple of chill to spread through me. Once I had reheated I had a look in the mirror.

The idea of these tops is to change your body shape by pulling in a bit here and pushing out a bit there.

But I have to report that it failed for two reasons in my case. Firstly, I do not have a great deal that needs pulling in - which admittedly is hardly the fault of the product.

But, secondly, all it seemed to do was highlight the small amount of belly fat I do have by simply hugging it tightly.

I persevered with the experiment and wore it under my T-shirt while I was reporting on the Combined Services Bobsleigh Championships in Turin, Italy.,/

Perhaps its biggest drawback, though, is when it comes to actually extricating oneself from what soon becomes a sweat-soaked outer layer of skin.

I found that this involved writhing around, pulling at the never-ending stretchy fabric while all the time it was determined to stay very firmly stuck to my back.