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Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirts

It's not often that I get the chance to test and review a truly excellent golf product for this site, but this time I got to test not one but two really good products. The first item I got for testing was the EQUMEN Core Precision V-Neck T-shirt, soon to be followed up by the Long Sleeve T-Shirt. The V-Neck T-Shirt is black, while the Long Sleeve shirt is grey. The two are made of completely different blends of materials. The shirts come in three styles. You have the choice of Long Sleeve, V-Neck short sleeve, and a Tank Top version. They also come in four colors, Blue, Black, White and Grey. The Grey shirts are an Extra Compression version of the other three colors and made of a completely different material.

The first shirt I got to test was a Black V-Neck T-Shirt. This is the standard strength material and is very hard to get on and even harder to get off. It's kind of what I'd imagine it would be like to wear a corset. I'm sure the ladies out there reading this have a better idea of what that would feel like than the males out there. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not a woman living in the days when corsets were in vogue. I was going to say "Popular" rather than in vogue, but after wearing this Core Precision shirt, I doubt, wearing a bone corset was ever "Popular" with the wearer. Might have made the ladies "LOOK" nice, but I doubt they were comfortable to wear. In today's world, the closest thing I can think of to compare this Compression T-Shirt would be a woman's Exercise Bra, two sizes too small. As the ladies know an exercise bra doesn't have a way to open in order to but it on. You have to pull it on over your head. This is what I had to do to get the Equmen Core Precision T-shirt on. Pull it down over my head. Problem is it's not as easy to do as it is to type about it. For all the guys reading this, let me just say it's kind of like trying to get on a size 32 pair of Levi's, when you need a size 38.

After reading that last part, you most likely are thinking that it was pure hell to wear this compression shirt for hours at a time. But just the opposite was the case. While it may feel like you're putting on a corset, once you have it on, YOU FEEL GREAT. It's like your whole upper body is being held tightly in place and all your muscles are in perfect alignment. I know this may sound odd, but wearing this T-Shirt makes me feel better and stronger all at the same time. It's kind of like being energized with extra power you never had before. I know that sounds weird but it's true.

You're probably thinking I'm nuts to say this, but it's true. Just wearing this shirt makes me stronger. Okay, what does it mean to be stronger? Well it could mean I can do things while wearing this shirt I couldn't do before. Or it could mean I can do things and not have to work as hard as before. Or it could mean that after hitting an extra large bucket of 175 range balls that I'm not as sore the next day, or as tired when I get home. Am I physically stronger? Of course not. But if I'm not as tired as I would be, and I'm not sore after a workout, am I not using less energy, and not taxing my muscles as much. And isn't that pretty much the same thing that happens when you are stronger and don't have to work as hard to do what you're doing? So, while wearing this Core Precision T-shirt may not, in fact, make me stronger, I can hit a lot of golf balls and not get as tired, nor do I feel stiff and sore the next day. I also don't feel as tired on the back nine when playing 18 holes and I'm walking the course. Don't know if I could ask for anything more from a T-Shirt.

But you do get more from this compression T-Shirt. While the shirt is holding all of your core muscles and bones in tight alignment, it also helps with consistency. I noticed this long before I noticed that I wasn't sore the next day after going to the range. It was apparent the first time I wore this shirt that my short game pitch shots were more consistent. Same with my short iron shots. All my ball striking was more consistent. At first I was wondering if maybe I was just having a good day, but it continued over into the second range session, and then into the third. As much as I'd like to claim all the credit, I'm not sure that would be totally honest.

The second shirt I tested was the Extra Compression Grey Long Sleeve Core Precision shirt. Each of the grey shirts offer approximately 15% more Compression. This is both good and bad. Good in that the extra compression holds your Core muscles and skeleton in tighter alignment. Bad in that the grey shirts are a good bit harder to get on and off.

First thing I noticed with the long sleeve shirt was the effect it was having on my arms. I could now feel that compression working on not only my core, but also my arms. I could feel it while driving to the range to practice. My arms felt different, like being "squeezed" into an elastic tube. It not only felt strange, but it also felt good. More of that feeling stronger effect of the high compression. One of the things I was looking for with the long sleeve T-Shirt was a little less "WILDNESS" in my arms during full swings, especially with my driver and fairway woods. I had recently been told my body was doing mostly good things during my swing, but my arms tended to get a bit WILD. Not a good thing to have happen when trying to hit the ball straight and consistently. After only a few test sessions wearing the long sleeve T-shirt I'd like to be able to say I haven't missed a fairway, but I really can't do that. What I can say is, I've hit a little higher percentage of them. I can also say with complete honestly that I've made my 3 fastest swings with my driver while wearing this long sleeve Core Precision shirt. Can't prove it was the shirt, but I'm not going to say the shirt didn't play a factor in my increased swing speed either. Before wearing the Core Precision T-Shirts, my highest driver swing speed was 122 MPH. While wearing the EQUMEN shirts I've hit 128 MPH, 129MPH and my new high of 131MPH. Again, I can't in all honestly say this is all due to wearing the Equmen shirts, but it sure didn't hurt any.

Bottom line is pretty simple really. These EQUMEN Core Precision T-Shirts help to hold your core muscles and skeleton in better and tighter alignment. Not just during your swing but the whole time you are wearing the shirt. This helps you use less energy, which helps prevent you from getting tired as fast. And since you are working less to do the same job, your muscles are taxed less. For me at least, that translated into my body not feeling sore the next day after a long range session or playing 18 holes of golf. At the ripe old age of 62 that's pretty nice. And while you may not get sore and tired after a long range session or round of golf, the Core Precision shirts will still have a good effect on your game. If they work anything near as well for you as they do for me, you will see an improvement in your consistency with all your golf shots. As any golf instructor will tell you, consistency is what it's all about with this fool's game. Get more consistent and you shot lower scores, and you have more fun while you're doing it. For these two reasons, feeling better and playing better, I have to say the EQUMEN Core Precision T-Shirts do a great job. They do exactly what they are designed to do, and they perform as advertised. I can honestly recommend the Equmen shirts to anyone looking to feel and play better golf.

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