Avoiding injury is vital to make it through triathlon season successfully. One way to help out your tired body is through veino-muscular compression technology - essentially a tight sleeve that increases efficient venous feedback from your feet to your heart, reducing the accumulation of toxins while increasing oxygenation to the muscles. This increased flow is said to improve lactic acid clearance, which helps you recover much more quickly and reduces muscle fatigue to help you train harder for longer. Equmen is especially great for this as their compression system reduces the shockwaves produced when your foot hits the ground.

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Ottawa Golf Blog Loves Our Core Precision Undershirt on the Course

As most golfers out there can attest to, regardless of your abilities you always are trying to get better. One of the things I struggle with as a hacker is my posture. Having that straight back with your derriere out is what we strive for but being taller at 6'5" I tend to stand a little to upright. When I was contacted by Equmen about there golf undershirt I was definitely intrigued at the potential of improving my golf posture and of course my "game".

When the undershirt came in the mail I immediately had to try it on as I'd never tried on any compression type clothing. The Equmen undershirt was initially difficult to put on as it fits like a second skin but once on it felt quite comfortable and supportive.

The undershirt is made of a trio of fabrics (73% Polyester Cationi, 13% Nylon, 14% Spandex) and has reinforced areas throughout the upper and lower back and shoulders. There are no seams so even though it fits tight to the skin there are no pressure points or any areas that would leave you uncomfortable.

I first tested out the Equmen undershirt at work where I'm a mail carrier for Canada Post. I'm on my feet most of the day and I'm in and out of my vehicle lots. Back strain is one of the most common injuries for mail carriers and the Equmen undershirt gave great support to both my upper and lower back as well as giving me better posture.

Wearing my undershirt while golfing (only indoor so far in Canada) was a huge eye opening . It really gave me a great cue to keep my back straight. The undershirt lets you know what a straight back feels like. I found the undershirt completely comfortable under my various golf polos while playing golf indoors. The Equmen shirt being seamless is great, there's no rubbing or chaffing.

In closing I was very pleased with the results of wearing the Equmen Undershirt both at work where it felt great supporting my upper and lower back as well as golfing indoor giving me that great feel at what a straight back feels like. I definitely think the Equmen Undershirt will help me in the long run as far as my golf posture goes. At $89-99 the Equmen Undershirt is not cheap but for someone who wants to improve their posture and support their back during active sports like golf I highly recommend.


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