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The Precision Sock just got even better

The Equmen Precision Sock just got even better.

Whether at work or at play, standing, walking and running for long periods can tire your feet. Even sitting for hours will sap energy levels in the lower leg. Equmen Precision Socks are designed to deal with these problems.

Thanks to the inclusion of spandex, Equmen Precision Socks maintain a constant pressure on the feet, ankles and lower leg. This is where help with circulation is most often needed, especially when standing for most of the day, or in situations where pressure is altered, such as in an aircraft. This pressure forces blood away from veins on the surface and through smaller veins, leading to all-round better circulation. Throughout the day, blood tends to pool in the lower leg, due to gravity. The enhanced pressure from compression socks helps the heart work more efficiently.

Athletes, especially, can benefit from the use of compression socks, both for support and increased energy in the leg muscles. Some runners even find that wearing compression socks after exercise or competition, helps their legs feel better the morning after.

Today, the Equmen Precision Sock just got better. We are happy to announce the Equmen Precision Sock is now available at the new adjusted price of US$29.99. That’ s a US$18 saving to the normal RRP. What is even better is that this is not limited to a special deal or time this is the standard new price for these fantastic socks.

Teamed with other Equmen products, such as the Equmen Core Precision Undershirt and Precision Underwear, the Equmen Precision Sock will have you looking and feeling your best, no matter what situation.


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