My patients like the form-fitting nature of the EQUMEN™ shirts and the back/core support they offer, reminding them from a kinesthetic perspective to avoid slouching. Since posture is very cerebral in nature and requires physical corrections, the garment has the potential to be a great motor learning tool for patients, athletes and the general population alike. The technology is very unique, supporting the areas of the body that typically break down from a posture dimension and through repetitive overuse. When worn, the shirt's HELIX MAPPING™ permits somatic feedback directly to promote spinal and soft tissue alignment through virtually subliminal posture corrections.

Michael Zazzali, DSc.PT, OCS Certified Orthopaedic Specialist, Physical Therapy Associates of New York



EQUMEN™ Helix-Mapping™ Technology seamlessly builds in physiotherapy insights to deliver ergonomic results. See more details

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Equmen Core Precision undershirt

Apparently a big hit overseas, the Core Precision undershirt (otherwise known as the "wondershirt") is, as my ever-unsympathetic fiancé e Colleen observed, a "control-top undershirt" for men. While designed for athletic support and general cosmetic enhancement, the stretchy garment (from $89 at seems like something conceived as a lesson in gender empathy. The idea is to put your typical attire over the glorified wife-beater and marvel as it improves your posture while slimming your upper body. Somewhat shockingly, that's exactly what happened. I wore the wondershirt (say it loud, say it proud!) while tackling a day's worth of writing, finally sitting naturally upright thanks to the tautness of the polyester-blend fabric. And more significantly, I wore it to the gym where I found new determination among the dumbbells and workout benches. My muscles were discernibly more disciplined, and it was markedly easier to feel the subtleties of every stretch. Peeling off the sweaty shirt, however, felt like Houdini unshackling from a straitjacket, making my droopy torso reappear-which is why I may consider wearing it every day.-Kenny Herzog