philosophyOver time, the aspects of modern life can be as hard on the body as the challenges in sport. From climbing the corporate ladder, to sitting at a desk all day, to chasing success - all while just finding time for the gym, every man needs and deserves the advanced benefits available to elite athletes to improve their daily performance.

Human performance and daily well-being begin with the core. Every man can benefit from enhanced:

Core Alignment: When the skeleton is correctly aligned, the bones support the weight of the body with minimal stress. This ensures that muscles hold very little excessive tension and they can then efficiently initiate and sustain movement. Proper core alignment also facilitates oxygen flow for enhanced energy.

Core Stability: Core stability allows you to maintain a solid foundation and transfers energy from the center of the body out to the limbs. Ergonomic support in the trunk area is essential for the maintenance of upright posture, back pain minimization and injury prevention.

Temperature-Control: Thermoregulation is part of a homeostatic mechanism that keeps the body at optimum operating temperature. In humans this optimum temperature is 36.8 °C (98.2 °F). Assistance in maintaining this temperature can help to optimise energy efficiency.