When to Wear


  • Improve Posture

    "The garments definitely help with postural support as they encourage optimal horizontal extension and retraction of the Scapulae (upper central key points), giving a Scapulothoracic neutral posture."

    Read More Kevin Lidlow
    Physiotherapist to the Olympics, World & European Champs
  • Look Slimmer

    "I like the way it makes me feel tall and upright…and I do like the confidence boost of losing 3in off my waist."

    Read More David Waters
    The Sunday Times London
  • Help Reduce Back Pain

    I have already purchased 4 of the core precision™ singlet's, fantastic. I broke my back 12 years ago and this product has finally provided the relief that I have been looking for."

    Read More Robert C. Haliburton
    Toronto, Canada
  • Wear Equmen to work

    "Having changed careers and becoming deskbound I began to slouch and experience lower back pain. Not anymore! These vests are amazing. I sit up straight without consciously thinking about it and my back pain has all but disappeared."

    Nigel Barnes
    Models 1 Creative Director
  • Get the Girl

    If you've been out of the dating game for a while or are new to the game, you'll know that the biggest hurdle you need to overcome is confidence. In core wear you will walk tall, walk straight and look the world in the eye. Let's face it nothing is more attractive than confidence.

  • Wedding day

    Wear the Undershirt at your wedding to not only look slimmer in those photos but also exude confidence at a time when it is needed most.


  • Improve your golf game

    "My EQUMEN™ Core Precision™ Undershirt gives me the best stabilizing support on the market…Not only does this garment provide support in the all important core areas, it's also the most comfortable garment available & can be worn in all climates."

    Read More Damian Taylor
    European Tour Coach
  • Gym

    "It is a great training tool for those of you who want more support in the core area and would definitely improve your posture."

    Steven Halsall
    Celebrity Fitness Trainer
  • Cycling

    "This weekend I did a 75 km bike ride…Before I used to have to wear a brace when riding - not the most comfortable and tended to cut into my breathing a bit. The CPU handled it beautifully and I'm back into my cycling, just like the old days"

    Kip Chung
  • Soccer

    "This shirt is fantastic for training. I don't know of any other that gives this level of support."

    Danny Murphy
    Fulham Mid-fielder
  • Football

    "With my history of shoulder injuries and poor posture this product has really helped, amazingly I feel very solid like I am wearing an armor suit but without all the weight."

    Charlie Va'ai
    US Eagle Rugby Player
  • Skiing

    "I wore the Core Precision™ longsleeve shirt snowboarding and it certainly exceeded my expectations. It's got an extremely comfortablr fit with the right amount of support allowing for full mobility. The perfect balance of comfort and functionality."

    Robert Grippo
    Brooklyn, New York
  • Equestrian

    "As a long distance (endurance) rider and competitor, I love wearing the EQUMEN™ vest. It really gives me great lower back support and I am much less tired when I wear it on my 50 mile rides. And no lower back stiffness or soreness!"

    Michael Brayton
    San Francisco, CA
  • Boxing

    "Core stability and support are extremely important in boxing. EQUMEN™ provides the extra solidarity I need during training and helps prevent injury".

    David Haye
    WBA Heavyweight World Champion