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Another Heart Felt review

Here  at  Equmen  we  often  get  reviews  on  how  good  our  products  are,  however  occasionally  we  receive  ones  that  really  stand  out.  We  are  proud  of  the  difference  we  make,  enabling  men  to  be  at  their  best.
Have  a  read  below  of  the  lovely  review  we  have  just  received.  We  are  also  in  the  process  of  developing  a  new  website  with  a  review  function,  launching  soon!

From:  Keitha  S##[]

Sent:  Thursday,  29  April  2010  1:25  AM

To:  Customer  Care  Team

Subject:  RE:  Equmen  -  order  i11952

Hello  Christian,

I  received  my  order  the  other  day,  and  without  any  explanation  handed  the  v-neck  undershirt  to  my  husband.    After  wrestling  into  it  (he  hates  anything  close-fitting)  and  moaning  about  how  tight  it  was,  his  face  suddenly  change  to  amazement!    He  said  he  couldn't  believe  how  great  he  felt,  his  sciatic  pain  stopped  IMMEDIATELY,  said  he  felt  he  could  fill  his  lungs  with  more  air  and  swears  he's  2  inches  (5cm)  taller.

After  a  few  hours  he  took  the  shirt  off  because  he  said  it  was  making  him  feel  exhausted  having  his  back  made  so  straight,  but  next  morning  it  was  back  on  again  making  him  feel  like  Terminator  LOL.

He  then  wore  it  work  (he's  a  truck  driver),  which  is  really  the  reason  I  bought  the  shirt  for  him,  and  he  said  it's  the  first  time  in  years  he's  come  home  from  work  without  his  back  aching  and  feeling  drained  (probably  from  not  breathing  deeply  enough).

Although  the  cost  of  the  shirt  made  his  eyes  pop,  he  made  no  objection  to  me  ordering  a  couple  more  for  him.

This  weekend  hubby  will  be  'testing'  his  shirt  doing  some  heavy  duty  fishing,  then  out  on  the  golf  course  the  following  weekend.    I  swear  he's  more  excited  about  the  shirt  than  the  fishing  or  golf  LOL.


Keitha  S##

(Aussie  in  the  U.S.)

P.S.  I  wasn't  able  to  find  anywhere  on  your  website  to  add  a  review.


Win A Week's Worth of Underwear!

by Andre 1.8.2010

Hello, It is so true that most of the people suffer from back pain which torturing our daily life. I always have back pain problem since I was at teenage age. I have been looking for any kind of solutions which can possibly fix my back pain problem. Unfortunately, none of these were effective to me so far. Last month I accidentally found out Equmen Underwear on the internet. It states that the underwear has an unique body-mapping system that builds physio taping techniques. It grabbed my attention because it specially mentions that it can relieve back pain problem by correcting posture and supporting the core which is what I have been looking for. As usual, I gave it a try and I also need a few pair of new underwears. I bought two pair of core precision undershirts – short sleeve V neck. Frankly speaking, I never expect that much of improvement by wearing underwears. But still, I just want to give it a hit because I really wish to get rid of my back pain problems. Surprisingly, I can feel the difference on the first day I wore it. My back pain was relieved and the pain no longer there to affect my daily life work. I am wearing Equmen underwear since then until now. I cannot express my excitement about the relief of back pain for so many years. I will strongly recommend to anyone who have back pain problem. By this opportunity, I am sharing my personal story and also I seriously hope can win a few more pair of Equmen underwears. Thanks. Andre

Looking Good or Feeling Better

by Veto 30.7.2010

Review of Equmen Core Precision Vneck Undershirt


by Nookey 28.7.2010

I was reluctant to spend so much money for underwear but I had gone on about Equmen for so long that my wife, Pam, bought me the Precision undershirt. After 20 years of recurring back pain I was transformed into Arnie Schwarzenegger, now able to work around our farm with upright confidence and ease (and, I am told I look 'cool' doing it too)! Regards Christian Neumann

My test

by Sean 28.7.2010

recently got the chance to try out the Equmen Core Precision Singlet and I have to say, when I pulled the generic looking tank top out of the cardboard box, I was a little skeptical of all of the hype sprawled across the Equmen website.So, after reading all of these seemingly far-fetched claims and watching the videos, I decided that I would put the undershirt through a grueling seven day real life trial. From the workplace to work outs, I wanted to see if this expensive wife beater really could live up to all of its promises. Day 1: Workout Day – Back Shoulders I started the trial period off with a back and shoulder workout and I have to say, I really noticed a difference in my posture while doing the exercises. It felt like I have someone behind me placing a hand on my back to ensure that I kept my back straight, the extra support was definitely noticeable. The singlet is extremely tight and as such, I was expecting to be drenched in sweat after the workout. Surprisingly, after my hour and a half routine was complete, it seemed to me like I had perspired less than I normally would have. Of course, there had to be at least one problem with the shirt and I realized what that was when I got back to my place and couldn’t get the shirt off my back; it was so tight that I literally had to get my room mate to help pull it off. Day 2: Soccer Game I decided to keep with the physical activity theme for day 2 and wore the undershirt to my weekly soccer game (yes, I washed it). I didn’t notice as huge of a difference in my performance as I had the day before although I felt that I had a bit more control throughout my upper body. One thing that I have always known about myself is that I have a terrible running posture as I tend to hunch forward. During my game I could feel my back being pulled into a more linear position and my running motion seemed more fluid. I felt I played a better game than usual (6 breakaways!) but perhaps there was more of a psychological aspect involved. Anyway, I still needed help taking the shirt off after the game which was a bit embarrassing on the field but all in all, day 2 of the trial had left me even more impressed. Day 3: Workplace After putting the undershirt through two days of strenuous activity, I decided to change things up for day 3 and wear it to the office. Lately, I’ve been noticing some pain in my lower back that has been getting worse and worse, especially when I lay down just before bed. I had our occupational health and wellness team complete an ergonomic assessment of my desk space at work and I got a new chair that was supposed to properly support my size; however, the back problems have failed to improve. I have to say that wearing the core precision singlet at work unquestionably improved my posture while I was seated at my desk and it made for a very comfortable work day. I now wear the shirt to the office as often as I can and the low back pain that I had been experiencing almost on a nightly basis has almost been eliminated! I can’t imagine how much I’ve spent on massage and chiropractic treatment that haven’t even come close to yielding the results that I’ve seen from this product. Oh, and on day 3 I finally managed to figure out how to take the shirt off of my own, although I’m sure it’s a funny sight to see a 6’4” tall guy rolling a tank top up his torso like a sports bra…ha ha. Day 5: Workout Day – Core/Abs Day 5 happened to fall on the same day as my Wednesday core/abs class that I habitually attend (Pride is coming!). I thought this would be the perfect way to test out the singlet in its lead role of core alignment and stability. The class consists of 45 minutes of demanding core and abdominal exercises and I’ll admit, I can’t make it through the whole thing without taking a few extra-long breaks. Unfortunately, the singlet makes no claim of improving that of what I am in need of most… stamina! But what it lacked from that perspective it definitely made up for in terms of stability and control. I was able to hold the exercises for a much longer period of time and I had much more control over the movement of my core muscles. I’ll definitely be wearing the undershirt to the class on a weekly basis and now that I have the control and the extra stability I need to get through it, I’ll just have to work on improving my stamina! Day 6: Soccer Game Almost a week had gone by and now it was time for another soccer game (I’ve never washed a shirt so many times in such a short period in my life!). As expected I experienced the same great results of the first game, except that this time I scored a hat trick and I was able to take the undershirt off after the game all by myself! Could this be my new lucky garment? Day 7: Workout Day – Arms By the final day I had run out of untested routine events so I took it back to the gym for my arm workout. I have to honestly say, I was again very impressed with the results. I actually felt more powerful when lifting through my extremities and I didn’t feel as much of a strain on my back both during and after each set. I was shocked that such a minor adjustment to my normal apparel could offer so much support! So after my 7 day trial I can honestly admit that the Equmen Core Precision singlet truly amazed me. The shirt was very comfortable at all times while I was wearing it and I didn’t experience the chafing and coarseness that I would have expected from such a tight garment. With it on I can really notice a difference in my posture and I feel more stable throughout my core. I know it’s hard to imagine that a shirt can do all of these incredible things but unless you try it out, you won’t understand. Even though the price tag does look a little high for an undershirt, it’s well worth it. My only issue now is that I can’t wash it fast enough to be able to wear it 7 days a week!


by peter 25.7.2010

I had very bad hip pains and equmen underwear cured this problem within a week. Also, it is so comfortable to wear . This means if you do not have enough garments to wear whilst some are being washed you will certainly miss them. The moral buy more than just the right amount

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