"We've become accustomed to accelerated improvements in technology, but it's amazing to see this kind of radical innovation applied to the once humble undershirt. It's a technological breakthrough that provides men with the means to re-structure and enhance both their inner perceptions and their outer representations of themselves in the physical world."

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Another Heart Felt review

Here  at  Equmen  we  often  get  reviews  on  how  good  our  products  are,  however  occasionally  we  receive  ones  that  really  stand  out.  We  are  proud  of  the  difference  we  make,  enabling  men  to  be  at  their  best.
Have  a  read  below  of  the  lovely  review  we  have  just  received.  We  are  also  in  the  process  of  developing  a  new  website  with  a  review  function,  launching  soon!

From:  Keitha  S##[mailto:KS##@mi####.org]

Sent:  Thursday,  29  April  2010  1:25  AM

To:  Customer  Care  Team

Subject:  RE:  Equmen  -  order  i11952

Hello  Christian,

I  received  my  order  the  other  day,  and  without  any  explanation  handed  the  v-neck  undershirt  to  my  husband.    After  wrestling  into  it  (he  hates  anything  close-fitting)  and  moaning  about  how  tight  it  was,  his  face  suddenly  change  to  amazement!    He  said  he  couldn't  believe  how  great  he  felt,  his  sciatic  pain  stopped  IMMEDIATELY,  said  he  felt  he  could  fill  his  lungs  with  more  air  and  swears  he's  2  inches  (5cm)  taller.

After  a  few  hours  he  took  the  shirt  off  because  he  said  it  was  making  him  feel  exhausted  having  his  back  made  so  straight,  but  next  morning  it  was  back  on  again  making  him  feel  like  Terminator  LOL.

He  then  wore  it  work  (he's  a  truck  driver),  which  is  really  the  reason  I  bought  the  shirt  for  him,  and  he  said  it's  the  first  time  in  years  he's  come  home  from  work  without  his  back  aching  and  feeling  drained  (probably  from  not  breathing  deeply  enough).

Although  the  cost  of  the  shirt  made  his  eyes  pop,  he  made  no  objection  to  me  ordering  a  couple  more  for  him.

This  weekend  hubby  will  be  'testing'  his  shirt  doing  some  heavy  duty  fishing,  then  out  on  the  golf  course  the  following  weekend.    I  swear  he's  more  excited  about  the  shirt  than  the  fishing  or  golf  LOL.


Keitha  S##

(Aussie  in  the  U.S.)

P.S.  I  wasn't  able  to  find  anywhere  on  your  website  to  add  a  review.



by Parigi 22.7.2010

I got a v-neck undershirt as a gift from a friend of mine and I had the same feeling as Keitha's hubby. It's like wearing a men's corset and it's slightly tight at the beginning but soon I got used to it and loved the new body shape I got. It's like it pushes all my muscles at the right places!


by David W 22.7.2010

I spend most of my day hunched over a keyboard. All the stress and tension ends up in my shoulders. The undershirts help me sit up straight, and pull my shoulders back. No more aching muscles, stiff necks and headaches.

my experience with new shirt

by captainjames 22.7.2010

My 1st experience was not that good. I went to the saks 5th avenue store to pick up the shirt. I checked my measerments, weight and height to the chart provided on the Web site picked up the shirt I wanted just as the sales lady came over and said that is not your size I told her I checked the measurments against what you have published in your web site and this was the one I wanted. Shre insisted that it was not correct and gave me one two sizes larger. Well I took it home tried it on and id did not feel any different then one of my mens Tshirts that I purched from the big mans store When I took it back she said that it was soiled from use and that I could not return it. I left the store not too happy after spending over $90.00 FOR A T-SHIRT I was expressing my dissatisfaction with a friend and he said he had one my size and that he would let me try it on. That shirt fit like a glove and he ended up giving me the shirt because he was moving down a size himself but really the product. a week later I went back to Saks 5th avenue and told the salesman I wanted a shirt in this size and this type in White. When I got home it was one size up and gray. I had to return that shirt and then purchased the correct color and style. I reall have improved posture, removed much back pain lost a few pounds and it seems to be coming off in the areas where the shirt was the tightest. When you can get the right size right color and style they are great and as I can afford it I will be buying more of your shirts and looking into your other products. Thanks for a great product


by Russell Ephraums 22.7.2010

I bought this faboulous singlet . It is the best thing I bought . It pulls my beely together giving me a firm look & also my man boobs are flattened . I am nearly 60 yeras old & my daughter spotted it & orderded it. I can't live without it now . I wear it it all the time & feel good in it. Makes me look very firm like I have good body. I got 5 my brothers . I will promote this product & I am sure they will order it in time when they get older & Have the belly & man boobs problems.


by Jay Stay 22.7.2010

The benefits of Equmen are at least two-fold: they subtract more than inch and force me to stand up straight, increasing my height.

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