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Another Heart Felt review

Here  at  Equmen  we  often  get  reviews  on  how  good  our  products  are,  however  occasionally  we  receive  ones  that  really  stand  out.  We  are  proud  of  the  difference  we  make,  enabling  men  to  be  at  their  best.
Have  a  read  below  of  the  lovely  review  we  have  just  received.  We  are  also  in  the  process  of  developing  a  new  website  with  a  review  function,  launching  soon!

From:  Keitha  S##[]

Sent:  Thursday,  29  April  2010  1:25  AM

To:  Customer  Care  Team

Subject:  RE:  Equmen  -  order  i11952

Hello  Christian,

I  received  my  order  the  other  day,  and  without  any  explanation  handed  the  v-neck  undershirt  to  my  husband.    After  wrestling  into  it  (he  hates  anything  close-fitting)  and  moaning  about  how  tight  it  was,  his  face  suddenly  change  to  amazement!    He  said  he  couldn't  believe  how  great  he  felt,  his  sciatic  pain  stopped  IMMEDIATELY,  said  he  felt  he  could  fill  his  lungs  with  more  air  and  swears  he's  2  inches  (5cm)  taller.

After  a  few  hours  he  took  the  shirt  off  because  he  said  it  was  making  him  feel  exhausted  having  his  back  made  so  straight,  but  next  morning  it  was  back  on  again  making  him  feel  like  Terminator  LOL.

He  then  wore  it  work  (he's  a  truck  driver),  which  is  really  the  reason  I  bought  the  shirt  for  him,  and  he  said  it's  the  first  time  in  years  he's  come  home  from  work  without  his  back  aching  and  feeling  drained  (probably  from  not  breathing  deeply  enough).

Although  the  cost  of  the  shirt  made  his  eyes  pop,  he  made  no  objection  to  me  ordering  a  couple  more  for  him.

This  weekend  hubby  will  be  'testing'  his  shirt  doing  some  heavy  duty  fishing,  then  out  on  the  golf  course  the  following  weekend.    I  swear  he's  more  excited  about  the  shirt  than  the  fishing  or  golf  LOL.


Keitha  S##

(Aussie  in  the  U.S.)

P.S.  I  wasn't  able  to  find  anywhere  on  your  website  to  add  a  review.


Active Golfer

by DON 22.7.2010

I can't tell you how happy I am with my two T-shirts I got from Equmen. The first shirt I got was a black short sleeve model. After fighting to get it on, it was amazing at how much stronger I felt. There must be something in what they claim about holding one's muscles in the proper place, because I sure feel stronger just wearing the shirt. The second shirt I got was the grey extra compression long sleeve T-shirt. Again it was like putting on a corset, (That's only an assumption on my part, never wore one), but again the feeling of extra strength was immediate. It's really hard to explain, other than to say I just feel stronger wearing these compression shirts. And it's not just a "feeling" of being stronger. After a 4 hour practice session at the golf course, hitting over 200 balls on the range and numerous shots around the green. I wasn't nearly as tired as I normally get. That night by back didn't hurt, and the next morning I wasn't the least bit stiff from my practice. That was a first in quite some time. Now that I've been wearing these two T-shirts for awhile, I can honestly say my golf game is better and I don't get as tired as when I don't wear the T-shirts. My scoring average is a good 3 strokes lower when I wear the Core Compression T-shirts compared to when I don't. I'm sure not being tired on the back nine has something to do with it, as does feeling and playing stronger.

A laundry priority

by Messy Jesse 21.7.2010

My husband feels like a new (better!) man when he wears his Equmen undershirt. He suffers from constant back pain, and it's as if you guys threw him a relief line. He feels lifted, supported and much more svelt as a bonus. People at work asked him if he's been working out! He's begun to wear the undershirt to his tennis matches, and he looks much more toned and "put together" on the court. What does this mean for me? I had better make sure the Equmen shirt gets through the laundry like someone with a "fast pass" at Disney. No waiting. Please move directly to the front of the line! I'm happy to do it, because it really does improve his daily life. Thanks:)


by Geoff 21.7.2010

I had read about Equmen and how it could help reduce pain and fatique in the back. As I'm a painter and experience pain in my shoulders I decided to give a v necked shirt a try. To my amazement it made a tremendous difference to my shoulders and now particularly when I have a lot of brush work to do, I wear my Equmen shirt. The success of the first shirt lead me to buy another one because it has helped reduce the pain so much.


by Wes 21.7.2010

What a relief I have had from back ache since my first purchase last year. No more physio, and a wife who is amazed how better I look with a straight posture. Even the golf game has improved with great body control with the firm fitting Equmen underware.

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