My patients like the form-fitting nature of the EQUMEN™ shirts and the back/core support they offer, reminding them from a kinesthetic perspective to avoid slouching. Since posture is very cerebral in nature and requires physical corrections, the garment has the potential to be a great motor learning tool for patients, athletes and the general population alike. The technology is very unique, supporting the areas of the body that typically break down from a posture dimension and through repetitive overuse. When worn, the shirt's HELIX MAPPING™ permits somatic feedback directly to promote spinal and soft tissue alignment through virtually subliminal posture corrections.

Michael Zazzali, DSc.PT, OCS Certified Orthopaedic Specialist, Physical Therapy Associates of New York



EQUMEN™ Helix-Mapping™ Technology seamlessly builds in physiotherapy insights to deliver ergonomic results. See more details

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Men's power pants for a pert posterior View Article Source

Men's power pants for a pert posterior

Bridget Jones thought she had the market cornered in 'big pants' which kept all her wobbly bits under wraps and under control.

But the screen singleton needs to make way for some magic underwear that might perform the same trick for her co-stars.

The UK department store, Selfridges, is set to launch on the high street Britain's first range of 'control pants' for men.

The collection, by Equmen, promises to deliver a pert posterior and do for men's bums what brands such as Spanx have done for female thighs.

The range of 'power pants' comprises briefs, at £ 35 (€ 40), and leg-hugging trunks (colloquially referred to as 'meggings' - the macho form of leggings), £ 37 (€ 43), which feature Equmen's revolutionary 'Helix-Mapping compression technology', to improve lightweight posture and provide support 'down under', in addition to lifting and smoothing "in all the right places", to quote the press release.

The introduction of power pants for men is seen as a logical follow-on to the craze for skinny jeans, pioneered by snake-hipped rock-stars such as Keith Richards and Iggy Pop, and turned into a fashion cause-celebre by designers such as Hedi Slimane and Alexander McQueen.

Equman, which also designs a range of 'control' vests to trim stomachs and support the alignment of core muscles, which was launched at Selfridges earlier this year, is not alone in its quest to give men the figure they've always dreamed of.

The website,, which also sells Equmen, offers a range of 'Body Boost' pants, by Calvin Klein, for men which come with a design package to "enhance the profile".

Both the trunks (€ 23) and the briefs (€ 18.50), are in cotton and feature an inner-boost strap and a shaped, supportive, front pouch.