Core Precision™ Undershirts

Be at your best with the EQUMEN™ CORE PRECISION™ UNDERSHIRT.

Engineered compression fabrics and ergonomic design optimise health and well-being, street to sport. HELIX-MAPPING™ technology builds in physiotherapy techniques to:

Improve Posture: Gently pull the shoulders back to enable optimal alignment. Proper postural alignment is known to facilitate oxygen-flow for enhanced energy.

Help Reduce Back Pain: By correcting posture and supporting the core, allows the muscles to exert less effort in supporting the weight of the body, thereby relieving pain in the back.

Visibly Streamline: Second skin fit and targeted compression visibly slims for a more tailored look.

Control Temperature: Targeted mesh, moisture-wicking fabric and anti-microbial properties ensure you stay dry and comfortable all-day.

Enhance Circulation: Helps to support healthy blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Support Muscle Recovery: Assists recovery through direct compression and improved muscle oxygenation.