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But, sadly, I have the stomach of an old Israeli tank commander. My gut is big and getting bigger.
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Core Precision undershirt - the new Spanx for men? You thought Spanx were for women. Now men are getting their own slimming body garments.
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According to Equmen, what we really need are briefs that hold and lift our gluteal folds (buttocks, to you, sir) and cocoon our manhoods
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All the comfort of underwear but with the performance-enhancing qualities of an athletic base layer. Equmen looks good, feels good and actually does you good.

Honey, does this make me look thin? For the man who has it all–a little too often: the butt-cinching, gut-squeezing male girdle
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Apparently a big hit overseas, the Core Precision undershirt (otherwise known as the "wondershirt") is, as my ever-unsympathetic fiancée Colleen observed
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That is exactly how the British- based Equmen are touting their new line of high-performance brand of men's underwear
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Want a six-pack gut without going to the gym? A new Lycra-infused shirt makes a guy look puffed up in all the right places - while slimming down those pesky love handles
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It's for the man who has a little too much of everything - the man girdle, or "mirdle."
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Popular Golfing Site 'Golf A Lot' Recently reviewed Equmen Base Layers

By 'Golf A Lot' 3.4.2012

Read the 'Golf A Lot' review below. Read More»

Ottawa Golf Blog Loves Our Core Precision Undershirt on the Course

By Ottawa Golf Blog 5.3.2012

Ottawa Golf Blog Loves Our Core Precision Undershirt on the Course. Read it Below Read More»

Undershirt range gives you that Luke Donald look

By Aussie Golfer 7.2.2012

The Aussie Golfer recently did a review on the course wearing our Core Precision Undershirt. Read it below; Read More»



EQUMEN™ the Australian owned CORE PRECISION™ underwear brand that pioneered the HELIXMAPPING™ technology which builds in physiotherapy™ taping techniques to structure, support and energise the body have welcomed the entry of new team members and the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer. Read More»

The Precision Sock just got even better

By Equmen 

Whether at work or at play, standing, walking and running for long periods can tire your feet. Even sitting for hours will sap energy levels in the lower leg. Equmen Precision Socks are designed to deal with these problems. Read More»

As a man, would you be seen in a mirdle?

By Equmen 

A Mirdle (or Male Girdle) is exactly what it says. It is a girdle produced just for men who are looking to trim a few inches off their waistline. Everyone is a little vain, but at what point does your vanity make you want to wear a re-designed woman’s girdle? We all want to look good but that doesn’t mean that you should take it to extremes such as this! Read More»

Equmen share your story winner anounced!

By Equmen 

Having purchased a few singlets and underwear last year in Selfridges and London I am pleased to find that they are now available in Ireland. - More purchases have been made! I said in an email to you - two words - Life changing! Read More»

Your Dad at his Best this Fathers Day


Give Dad his best gift this Fathers Day! …the chance to look and feel his best. Father's Day is the one day of the year we celebrate the best men in our lives! Read More»

Equmen Underwear Takes on Our Jewels

By Kenny Herzog 12.11.2009

Earlier this summer, I had the unique opportunity to test out something called the Wondershirt, courtesy of an Australian men's clothing manufacturer called Equmen, which is attempting to capitalize on the emerging middle market between crotch-grabbing everymen and metrosexualized alpha-males Read More»

Undershirt Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirt

By The Undershirt Guy 23.6.2009

That's right, today is the day for the Equmen undershirt review! For those of you who have not been here before or haven't had the chance to familiarize yourself with these undershirts yet, here is a compilation of posts that I've published over the last couple of months covering the news and updates about the Equmen line of products. Read More»

Core Precision Undershirts

By Golf Today 

£50+ for a vest? That grumbling sound you can hear is your Grandfather turning in his grave. But times change, technology and opinions move forward and I read about these new products from an Australian based company called Equmen and wondered if they could possibly do what they claimed Read More»

Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirts

By Don Fisher 25.11.2009

It's not often that I get the chance to test and review a truly excellent golf product for this site, but this time I got to test not one but two really good products. The first item I got for testing was the EQUMEN Core Precision V-Neck T-shirt, soon to be followed up by the Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Read More»