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Popular Golfing Site 'Golf A Lot' Recently reviewed Equmen Base Layers

If I asked you which type of golf equipment has experienced the greatest technological change in the last 20 years, what would you say?

Drivers? Golf balls? Well, for me the biggest advances for golf have come in clothing.

Those of you young enough to still look good in a modern, tight fitting, breathable, UV protecting, moisture wicking, highlighter coloured golf shirt may laugh at this.

However those of us still trying to wean ourselves off woolly jumpers remember the days when there was nothing that met the job description of 'waterproof' this side of a sheet of industrial polythene.

You know the light shower tops they give you after you have waded through the mud at festivals and sports events. Well, they were a similar quality to the protective trousers you used to keep your legs sort of dry for the first 9, only they had big open gaps for your hands.

Manufacturers gave up trying with jackets and you just put on enough sweaters to get a sweat up and ensure that the water, or the cold, or both, did not seep through to your skin before you got back to the clubhouse.

Forget titanium, graphite, steel, surlyn, the Haskell ball and all that. The material that has had the biggest effect on golf in my book is Goretex. Light, waterproof, windproof and breathable. Almost a miracle that we take for granted now. Keeps your body and especially your feet dry and warm and enables you to wear less layers so you enjoy it more and swing better.

It started the revolution in golf clothing that now continues with base layers as they move from the high impact sports fields to the golf course and even everyday wear. My physio says even builders and roadworkers are wearing compression tops to stay warm and help prevent injuries. And most of them look about as athletic as Craig Stadler and about as happy too.

I have already passed comment on the guys who kicked all this stuff off, Under Armour. Following in their footsteps are several other very good suppliers including FootJoy, Adidas and Skins. Now all this is moving to the next level as Under Armour Stability and now Equmen start to bring out base layers with specific golf designs that help to support your back and other muscles as they move through the golf swing.

Equmen say their Helix-Mapping in their Core Precision undershirt "builds physio taping techniques into every garment to reinforce and support the body's natural structure from the core." Basically it applies pressure to your muscle groups to support and engage them more so that they have more oxygen going through them so you perform better with less chance of injury.

Now I have to confess that I am addicted to all this base layering and I regret to say I have even worn it off the course too. The hard thing to get your head around is that it needs to feel tight to provide the maximum benefit, so no loose material in the small of your back.

Even for me this was hard to believe when I got my Equmen Core Precision longsleeve top on for a test recently. Out of the box the size large looked like something my 9 year-old would struggle to fit into, but the measurements they give on the site are correct. Just don't have a big lunch first.
It is a bit of an effort to get on and you may even need assistance to get it off, but once it is on you do feel very supported. Playing a full round in it was comfortable and the breathability was very good. Personally I would like to see a higher collar as the neckline was quite a low crew neck.

However this suits some of our cuddlier friends from across the pond who like the figure improving profile it gives you under their corporate armour as a sort of male corset. And if you have just started admitting to using male moisturiser to get rid of those wrinkles from last night, or the last 20 years, then you are already on the slippery slope to wearing compression gear to look slim. Well, it is easier, cheaper and less effort then the gym.

And it does not stop there. Compression shorts and leggings have been around for a while, but they can be a bit of a step up from compression tops.

However, here is the future and why we will all be wearing this stuff soon. Tights.

Well, not really tights, but shorter compression leggings that cover your lower legs and calves.

Equmen's Precision Socks are essentially knee length socks made of compression material formally used for preventing DVB on flights.

With the punishment your feet and hence your legs get during a walk round 5 miles of modified farm land, compression socks or leggings (yes - I have both) are the business. You will be amazed how less tired you and your legs are after a round. And that will have a positive benefit on your game.

And believe me, you will want to wear them everytime you are going to walk anywhere that is more than 100 yards.
You can even get compression sleeves for just your arms now too. Oh yes.

Join me in the revolution my friends and get totally addicted to base layering.

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Ottawa Golf Blog Loves Our Core Precision Undershirt on the Course

As most golfers out there can attest to, regardless of your abilities you always are trying to get better. One of the things I struggle with as a hacker is my posture. Having that straight back with your derriere out is what we strive for but being taller at 6'5" I tend to stand a little to upright. When I was contacted by Equmen about there golf undershirt I was definitely intrigued at the potential of improving my golf posture and of course my "game".

When the undershirt came in the mail I immediately had to try it on as I'd never tried on any compression type clothing. The Equmen undershirt was initially difficult to put on as it fits like a second skin but once on it felt quite comfortable and supportive.

The undershirt is made of a trio of fabrics (73% Polyester Cationi, 13% Nylon, 14% Spandex) and has reinforced areas throughout the upper and lower back and shoulders. There are no seams so even though it fits tight to the skin there are no pressure points or any areas that would leave you uncomfortable.

I first tested out the Equmen undershirt at work where I'm a mail carrier for Canada Post. I'm on my feet most of the day and I'm in and out of my vehicle lots. Back strain is one of the most common injuries for mail carriers and the Equmen undershirt gave great support to both my upper and lower back as well as giving me better posture.

Wearing my undershirt while golfing (only indoor so far in Canada) was a huge eye opening . It really gave me a great cue to keep my back straight. The undershirt lets you know what a straight back feels like. I found the undershirt completely comfortable under my various golf polos while playing golf indoors. The Equmen shirt being seamless is great, there's no rubbing or chaffing.

In closing I was very pleased with the results of wearing the Equmen Undershirt both at work where it felt great supporting my upper and lower back as well as golfing indoor giving me that great feel at what a straight back feels like. I definitely think the Equmen Undershirt will help me in the long run as far as my golf posture goes. At $89-99 the Equmen Undershirt is not cheap but for someone who wants to improve their posture and support their back during active sports like golf I highly recommend.

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Undershirt range gives you that Luke Donald look

Earlier this year I decided that my old golf swing wasn't cutting it any more. While producing half-decent results I'd been told by a couple of physiotherapists that I'll have back problems if I didn't change things.

The result was a few lessons over the past winter, with a heavy focus on posture. So it was a pleasant surprise when the guys from Equmen asked me to check out their new range of golfing undershirts.

If you've ever been to a physio and been taped up across the back to improve posture, you'll know where the strength of these shirts lie. They have criss-crossed compression across the back of the shirt that pulls your muscles into the correct posture position.

Luke Donald is the textbook example on correct posture over the golf ball. His straight back is almost unique among professional golfers and that's what we should all be aiming for. I can honestly say that at the very least, the shirt gave me an extra cue over the golf ball to get the back straight and in the correct position.

It gave me that cue for the full round of golf. I walked taller and didn't seem to be overly hot despite playing in warm conditions but most importantly, I felt more confident I was in the correct position over the ball. Less fiddling around before I played a shot.

I was surprised when playing my partners didn't liken me to Luke Donald. My golf may have been a giveaway, but my guess is because I wasn't wearing a visor.

If you're struggling with your golf swing posture, or you're keen to get it right, check out the full collection of Equmen undershirts, it may ward off a few future injuries.

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Anthony Pavlakis was this year appointed the CEO of EQUMEN™ bringing his wealth of experience from the international FMCG sector and more recently his twelve years as one of Sydney’ s leading project marketers of high end property developments. Pavlakis has unique insights and an underlying passion for the brand since launching the underwear label with Managing Director Gavin Jones in 2008.

Tony, as he is warmly known to his team, “ is the best ambassador for the brand as he has literally been wearing the underwear since the brands inception in November 2009” says Michael Flint the International Sales Director. Pavlakis is now bringing an excitingly new and fresh injection to the brand as well as an unrivalled knowledge base with strong business acumen.

Other appointments include the welcomed return of the firm’ s Head of Operations and Logistics Christian Lush, who had formerly worked with the company and left to explore worldly pursuits. “ Christian’ s knowledge, global experience and history working for the company will again be highly valued by the team” says Customer Service expert Letitia Naismith. Another talent who has come back to the fold is the brands original Head Designer Carolina Ale. Her expertise and design prowess was highly sought after to help maintain the brands lead innovation and design for this core wear category. And most recently was the appointment of internationally experienced PR and Communications Director Emma Chappell. Emma put her own PR agency Cilla Creative on hold to pursue this exciting global role.

This power force of new blood along with the longstanding original members of the team is sure to make a bold and brash statement on the global stage of men’ s undergarments.

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The Precision Sock just got even better

The Equmen Precision Sock just got even better.

Whether at work or at play, standing, walking and running for long periods can tire your feet. Even sitting for hours will sap energy levels in the lower leg. Equmen Precision Socks are designed to deal with these problems.

Thanks to the inclusion of spandex, Equmen Precision Socks maintain a constant pressure on the feet, ankles and lower leg. This is where help with circulation is most often needed, especially when standing for most of the day, or in situations where pressure is altered, such as in an aircraft. This pressure forces blood away from veins on the surface and through smaller veins, leading to all-round better circulation. Throughout the day, blood tends to pool in the lower leg, due to gravity. The enhanced pressure from compression socks helps the heart work more efficiently.

Athletes, especially, can benefit from the use of compression socks, both for support and increased energy in the leg muscles. Some runners even find that wearing compression socks after exercise or competition, helps their legs feel better the morning after.

Today, the Equmen Precision Sock just got better. We are happy to announce the Equmen Precision Sock is now available at the new adjusted price of US$29.99. That’ s a US$18 saving to the normal RRP. What is even better is that this is not limited to a special deal or time this is the standard new price for these fantastic socks.

Teamed with other Equmen products, such as the Equmen Core Precision Undershirt and Precision Underwear, the Equmen Precision Sock will have you looking and feeling your best, no matter what situation.

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As a man, would you be seen in a mirdle?

A Mirdle (or Male Girdle) is exactly what it says. It is a girdle produced just for men who are looking to trim a few inches off their waistline. Everyone is a little vain, but at what point does your vanity make you want to wear a re-designed woman’ s girdle? We all want to look good but that doesn’ t mean that you should take it to extremes such as this!

Mirdle’ s are about the most unflattering item of underclothing that a man can wear, not to mention the shame of ever being seen with it on!

The internet is littered with pictures of men wearing Mirdle’ s. Search for that phrase and you will quickly understand! These are the sorts of pictures that do the rounds on e-mail that make everyone cringe or laugh, but ultimately, look away. People huddle around your desk trying to get a glimpse of someone who looks as though he is wrapped in bandages with unsightly bulges popping out here and there.

There is no time in his life that any man should ever put him through the shame of purchasing one of these items, God forbid he is ever actually seen with it! Can you imagine the first time your girlfriend ever saw you with one on? Any hope of passion would quickly fly straight out of the window, never to return. Sights like this burn themselves into the retina and cause mental scarring! Don’ t ever put yourselves though it. However, if you have already succumbed, all is not lost. There are still many uses for a Mirdle including waxing your car, shining your shoes or to help start the BBQ.

So what do you do if you want to look good, help your posture and, as a by-product, lose a little off the waist as well? What you will want are items of clothing that you would be happy being seen in, no matter where you are or what your circumstances.

Equmen do not manufacture Mirdles let us assure you of this. Equmen manufacture precision compression clothing that is designed to aid your posture as you go about your busy lives. This is physiotherapy for your body – a work out as you walk, train or are sitting down helping you maintain the posture that your body requires. Clothing designed for men, by men who understand that looking and feeling good needn’ t mean taking drastic measures!

One of the additional benefits of this compression technology is you are also able to trim a little off the mid section – but this is a t-shirt! It looks great you would be proud to be seen with this item of clothing on without anything over the top!

Would you do that in a Mirdle?

No, nor would we.


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Equmen share your story winner anounced!

Congratulations to Ian D of Ireland for being selected as the winner of the recent Equmen - Share your story and win competition. Ian will be receiving a weeks worth of underwear for sharing with us how Equmen Core Precision Undershirts have helped releive his back pain after suffering from scoliosis.

The runners up will be posted here soon, and everyone who entered will be receiving a special gift and personalised discount as we were overwhelmed with the responses!


Name:  Ian  D

City:  Malahide

State:  Dublin

Country:  Ireland


Comments:  Hi,

  I  know  that  I  made  a  few  comments  to  you  when  researching  if  your  product  was  available  in  the  republic  of  Ireland  sometime  last  year.

  Having  purchased  a  few  singlets  and  underwear  last  year  in  Selfridges  and  London  I  am  pleased  to  find  that  they  are  now  available  in  Ireland.    -  More  purchases  have  been  made!

  I  said  in  an  email  to  you  -  two  words  -  Life  changing!

  Let  me  explain  why.

  I  have  suffered  with  scoliosis  for  all  of  my  adult  life   an  x-ray  report  showed  that  I  had  extensive  irregularities  of  the  lower  dorsal  spine  -  consistent  with  osteochondritis  in  the  past  -  likely  in  my  teens.      Since  then  I  have  a  very  poor  posture  and  have  spent  thousands  of  pounds  on  alternative  treatments,  Alexander  technique,  Bowen,  physiotherapy,  numerous  types  of  massage  which  all  seem  effective  for  a  short  period,  but  it  was  not  long  before  I  was  back  to  square  one!

I  discovered  your  products  and  as  I  say  -  Life  changing  -  Ever  since  July  2009  I  wear  them  every  day!    I  stand  taller,  I  feel  more  confident,    I  don't  slouch  as  much,  I'm  no  longer  suffer  from  the  muscular  pain  that  I  used  too.    I  used  to  have  to  stop,  curl  up  and  sleep  -  it  was  the  only  cure.    Now  I  can  go  on  all  day  and  even  party  more  at  night!

  I  often  used  to  become  upset,  down  and  depressed  about  my  posture  and  spine  -  those  thoughts  have  almost  disappeared 

  My  friends  and  family  have  even  commented  that  my  back  looks  straighter  -  I  look  forward  to  the  morning  squeeze  into  my  singlet  and  know  that  I  will  have  a  comfortable  day  ahead  -  (well  they  are  so  comfy  and  snug  too!  In  fact  comfortably  re-assuring  -  like  a  safety  blanket  to  a  child  perhaps!)

  It  really  is  a  great  product  that  I  have  recommended  to  friends  also   they  too  have  felt  the  benefit  of  your  garments.

  Long  live  equmen  and  the  health  benefits  which  it  must  have  brought  to  so  many,  it  really  has  changed  my  life  for  the  better,  I  hope  that  your  products  equally  change  many  more.

  Thank  you  so  much!


  Ian  D


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Your Dad at his Best this Fathers Day

Give  Dad  his  best  gift  this  Fathers  Day!

… the  chance  to  look  and  feel  his  best.


Father's  Day  is  the  one  day  of  the  year  we  celebrate  the  best  men  in  our  lives! 

Officially  recognized  in  1924,  Father’ s  day  was  created  to  complement  Mothers  Day  after  many  years  of  relentless  work  by  Sonora  Dodd.  She  felt  fatherhood  should  also  be  honored  after  being  raised  with  5  siblings,  single  handedly  by  her  father,  after  her  mother’ s  death.  In  1972  Fathers  day  was  established  by  Richard  Nixon  as  a  permanent  national  observance  to  be  held  on  the  third  Sunday  of  June  and  is  now  celebrated  on  this  date  in  55  countries  across  the  world.

Father's  Day  is  a  day  honoring  fathers  and  celebrating  fatherhood,  paternal  bonds,  and  the  influence  of  fathers  and  forefathers  in  society.

Father's  Day  allows  us  to  acknowledge  Dad’ s  contributions  to  society  and  to  our  families.


  It  also  provides  us  the  opportunity  to  express  our  love  and  respect  for  dad,  to  show  dad  our  appreciation  for  his  selfless  care  and  protection  and  to  say  thanks  for  his  unconditional  love  and  affection.

Dads  are  our  heroes,  our  spiritual  guides,  our  emotional  pillars,  important  for  our  physical,  financial  and  social  well  being.  For  daughters,  he  is  the  ideal  man  and  also  the  first  man  we  adore,  while  for  sons,  dad  is  an  idol  and  the  strongest  man  we  aspire  to  emulate.    He  is  the  best  and  he  deserves  the  best.

So  what  are  you  going  to  give  your  Dad  this  Father’ s  Day?


Forget  boring  ties  or  gadgets  he’ ll  never  use.  Giving  dad  his  best  gift  to  look  and  feel  his  best  is  a  great  opportunity  to  show  him  how  much  you  love  and  care,  about  improving  his  wellbeing,  his  posture,  his  back  and  muscle  support,  his  circulation  and  his  confidence  by  giving  him  a  slimmer  physique.

The  Equmen  range  use  a  combination  of  compression  technology  and  next  generation  fabrics  that  follows  the  contours  of  the  body,  augmenting  what  should  stand  out  and  diminishing  what  shouldn’ t.  Posture  is  improved,  the  back  is  supported  and  circulation  is  increased.  The  lightweight  temperature-control  fabric  optimizes  comfort  in  any  condition.

Utilising  the  health  insights  of  physiotherapists  alongside  the  technical  expertise  of  athletic  garment  engineers  this  is  the  secret  that  professional  sportsmen  enjoy  on  the  field  every  day  -  we’ ve  taken  it  off  the  field  and  finessed  it  for  everyday  wear.

Dad  can  wear  it  under  his  starched  white  office  shirt,  golf  polo,  or  on  its  own.  The  support,  structure  and  shape  initiative  offers  him  something  comfortable,  stylish  and  wholly  beneficial.

The  perfect  gift  for  Dad  this  Father’ s  Day!

  Equmen  Fathers  Day  Specials.
•         Use  code  FATHERSDAYUS  to  receive  20%  off  any  purchase  of  $198  or  more
•         Use  code  FATHERSDAYCA  to  reveive  20%  off  any  purchase  of  $198  or  more
•         Use  code  FATHERSDAYUK  to  reveive  20%  off  any  purchase  of  £ 118  or  more



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Equmen was recently a major sponsor of the Josh Bidwell Celebrity Golf Tournament

Equmen was recently a major sponsor of the Josh Bidwell Celebrity Golf Tournament held at Roseburg Country Club in Roseburg, Oregon on April 30th.

The tournament was held to raise funds for The Community Cancer Center charity organization and featured celebrities from sport and entertainment, including: NFL players Josh Bidwell, Steve Baack, Joe Newton, Kenny Wheaton, Rich Ruhl, Saul Patu, Tim Euhus, Tony Hargain, Yvenson Bernard, Jordan Kent, Alexis Serna, NBA Hall of Famer Darrall Imhoff, actors Gregory Harrison and Patrick Duffy, professional bowler Bryon Smith, and Pultizer Prize winning photographer David Kennerly.

Equmen supplied all of the players with head to toe compression gear to support their golf game, in addition to making a generous donation to the Cancer Center.

“ Equmen is very proud to have the opportunity to contribute to Josh’ s charitable cause,” says Gavin Jones, Equmen MD. “ Our brand is all about health and well-being, so it is important we give back to the health of the community.”
“ The tournament and fundraising activities were both a big success,” says Trent Drake, the foundation’ s Director. ” And all of the celebs absolutely loved the Equmen undergarments!”

Founded in April 2007, Equmen specialises in scientifically designed advanced men’ s undergarments and accessories. Equmen products are available at international luxury retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus - US, Selfridges – UK, Brown Thomas – Ireland, Holt Renfrew – Canada and David Jones - Australia.
Visit to learn more.
For further information or media samples please contact:

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Another Heart Felt review

Here  at  Equmen  we  often  get  reviews  on  how  good  our  products  are,  however  occasionally  we  receive  ones  that  really  stand  out.  We  are  proud  of  the  difference  we  make,  enabling  men  to  be  at  their  best.
Have  a  read  below  of  the  lovely  review  we  have  just  received.  We  are  also  in  the  process  of  developing  a  new  website  with  a  review  function,  launching  soon!

From:  Keitha  S##[]

Sent:  Thursday,  29  April  2010  1:25  AM

To:  Customer  Care  Team

Subject:  RE:  Equmen  -  order  i11952

Hello  Christian,

I  received  my  order  the  other  day,  and  without  any  explanation  handed  the  v-neck  undershirt  to  my  husband.    After  wrestling  into  it  (he  hates  anything  close-fitting)  and  moaning  about  how  tight  it  was,  his  face  suddenly  change  to  amazement!    He  said  he  couldn't  believe  how  great  he  felt,  his  sciatic  pain  stopped  IMMEDIATELY,  said  he  felt  he  could  fill  his  lungs  with  more  air  and  swears  he's  2  inches  (5cm)  taller.

After  a  few  hours  he  took  the  shirt  off  because  he  said  it  was  making  him  feel  exhausted  having  his  back  made  so  straight,  but  next  morning  it  was  back  on  again  making  him  feel  like  Terminator  LOL.

He  then  wore  it  work  (he's  a  truck  driver),  which  is  really  the  reason  I  bought  the  shirt  for  him,  and  he  said  it's  the  first  time  in  years  he's  come  home  from  work  without  his  back  aching  and  feeling  drained  (probably  from  not  breathing  deeply  enough).

Although  the  cost  of  the  shirt  made  his  eyes  pop,  he  made  no  objection  to  me  ordering  a  couple  more  for  him.

This  weekend  hubby  will  be  'testing'  his  shirt  doing  some  heavy  duty  fishing,  then  out  on  the  golf  course  the  following  weekend.    I  swear  he's  more  excited  about  the  shirt  than  the  fishing  or  golf  LOL.


Keitha  S##

(Aussie  in  the  U.S.)

P.S.  I  wasn't  able  to  find  anywhere  on  your  website  to  add  a  review.

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