Core Precision™ Undershirt - Singlet

  • Core Precision™ Core Precision™ Undershirt - Singlet - White

EQUMEN™ Core Pecision™ Singlet EQM0023111

  • Be at your best with the EQUMEN™ Singlet. Engineered compression fabrics and ergonomic design optimise health and well-being, street to sport. HELIX-MAPPING™ technology builds in physiotherapy techniques to:

    Improve Posture: Gently pulls the shoulders back to enable optimal alignment. Proper postural alignment is known to facilitate oxygen-flow for enhanced energy.

    Help Reduce Back Pain: By correcting posture and supporting the core, allows the muscles to exert less effort in supporting the weight of the body, thereby relieving pain in the back.

    Visibly Streamline: Second skin fit and targeted compression visibly slims for a more tailored look.

    Control Temperature: Targeted mesh, moisture-wicking fabric and anti-microbial properties ensure you stay dry and comfortable all-day.

    Enhance Circulation: Helps to support healthy blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery.


    The Singlet is ideal:

    • In any weather, for business or casual core wear

    • For focused core support


    Technical Details:

    • Seamless zoned compression

    • Flat-locked, heat-sealed seams for durability

    • Solid Colors: 73% Polyester Cationi, 13% Nylon, 14% Spandex

    • Heather Grey: 53% Nylon, 29% Micropolyester, 18% Spandex



    • Machine wash cold

    • Lay flat to dry


  • Been in Two Car accidents

    by Sam 8.1.2013

    Hit at a red light twice and I work on the phones, needed something with back support and correct posture. Feel so much better then before, hope this is the start of my comeback after the last accident. Just hope they become more affordable and will buy even more


    by Steve 12.10.2010

    Just got this singlet and I went a size smaller as I was on the border line between M and L, so it is snug. I mainly bought it to help improve my posture (thought the slimming effect is awesome). It's brilliant sitting typing this my posture is so much better and the support is great and surprisingly it is super comfortable. Time to get the V neck I think!!

    Thanks for a great product.

    by Neil from Montreal 10.6.2010

    I have the singlet for every day and the long sleeve shirt for those days when I need extra support. Both are working extremely well for me.

    I bought them both for health and looks. For health, because even though I have worked out for years with good results, bad posture was letting me down. A physiotherapist friend warned me that my posture was so bad that I was in danger of permanently damaging my vertebrae. Wearing the shirts has taught my body to stand straight again, it just feels to healthy and good. The more I wear the product, the better it gets as my body remembers what good alignment feels like.

    But also vanity. I work partly hunched over a desk, the rest of the time standing up in front of people talking. Bad posture just looks insecure, and despite good lean muscle tone and a flat stomach, slouching made my chest cave in and my stomach roll out! All that exercise for little visual effect. Wearing the product, I have been amazed at the number of comments I have had on my look, it just draws people's attention to all the right things! People see and notice. Working in the public eye, that's an extra edge that really counts.

    Thanks Equmen. Your product is making a real difference now, and will help keep me in better physical shape for the future.

    Tight fitting but works

    by The Undershirt Guy 18.5.2010

    "you’ll immediately experience some of the benefits of this tight fitting, yet surprisingly comfortable slimming undershirt. For me, I felt a good amount of support in the shoulders, arms, torso, and upper abdomen area. I also noticed feeling a little bit more confident in my appearance because the compressing effects of the medium-sized undershirt helped my shirt and pants fit a little bit looser by taking off about ½” from my midsection (love handles/waist area)."

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  • size chart

    The Core Precision™ Undershirt will feel quite tight at first. However, it will self-adjust as your body warms the garment and, after a few minutes, it will offer a very comfortable second-skin fit. Despite the snug fit you will not overheat as the moisture wicking and targeted ventilation will help to keep you cool. Please keep in mind that it is necessary for the garment to be of tight fit in order to provide body-improving benefits.

    If you are on the borderline and are looking extra-high compression, we recommend you size down.

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